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In Google we trust.
There is almost no unanswered question and no unasked answer when it comes to online search engines. Even before we type in our request, we will get suggestions that might be what we want to look for. These search recommendations are basically generated by the query volume, the geography of searches and the time of the request and wish, therefore Google shows us the most frequent terms or sentences that are asked in our surroundings. Also based on the signals that are used by the search engines, the suggestions will change from time to time. Especially for this book, a program was written to keep track of the search recommendations in over 60 Countries simultaneously. This book will give you a short insight of queries that are suggested worldwide based on the letters of the Latin alphabet and seven WH-Questions.

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Robert Paulmann
Prof. Dr. phil. Kirsten Wagner

Werkschau 2018 — FH Bielefeld


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